Gourmet Pop by Michèle Ansermet Papadopoulos

The Maison Haviland invites us to take a culinary journey around the world with the artist Michèle Ansermet Papadopoulos. Between Italy, France, Cyprus and Greece, the artist highlights cultural heritage around the theme of cuisine. Michèle Ansermet Papadopoulos demonstrates how much she has become a citizen of the world through her paintings, which burst with color and vibrance. Gourmet Pop expresses its strength through its narrative design, which is revealed by travel-inspired pieces. They include a salad bowl, a symbol of family meals, herb planters or utensil pots for summer souvenirs, or a set of aperitif trays ideal for bringing warmth and creating memories of winter moments. The artist uses a palette of 10 primary colors to bring gastronomy to life by insisting on frank and sharp mixtures of geometric shapes with influences from Kandinsky. With this collection, we follow the artist on this unique journey by finding strong symbols such as the chef’s hat, lobster, fork or a world map, and the expression “culinary art” in several languages.