The colorful Magnolia collection immerse us in the DNA of Haviland. The Magnolia collection enhances traditional tables and emphasizes sophistication through bright colours and precise details. Blending flowery lines and latticework motifs, this audacious decoration combines modernity and originality, surprising us piece by piece.

The underplate and the bread and butter plate celebrate the Magnolia with vitality. The dinner plate plays with purple and white, which is delicately supported by a border with golden hues. As for the dessert plate and the tea and coffee saucers, they reveal ethnic inspirations, and create music with the collection. This service gives way to a new table decoration that will call for surprise throughout the dinner.

This fall, Haviland affirms its position in the tableware market, and establishes itself as an essential player in the high-end gift offer. Haviland offers a series of new gift offer references with a set of 4 teacups & saucers and a set of 4 coffee cups & saucers.