Lurçat by Wilmotte

More than 50 years after the “Hommage” collection, Lurçat by Wilmotte marks the great return of Jean Lurçat at Haviland. Architect and academician, Jean-Michel Wilmotte has chosen to showcase Lurçat’s excellence through creations in ceramics – one of the greatest passions of Lurçat, who was also acclaimed for his illustrations, paintings, poems, ceramics and tapestries. First a painter by profession, Lurçat, also a member of the Academy of the Fine Arts, was driven by his passion for ceramics to experiment prolifically with new patterns and color combinations. After staging an exhibition dedicated to Lurçat in 2016 at the Galerie des Gobelins, Jean-Michel Wilmotte once again pays homage to the iconic artist with this limited edition collection designed using the artist’s favorite themes – roosters, leaves, profiles, and stars. Lurçat by Wilmotte is a limited and signed edition that the architect has chosen to reproduce in shiny white and black, with touches of blue, yellow, and red, drawings taken from famous earthenware or tapestries by Lurçat. This collection is a contemporary expression of the French Art of Living.