Recognised for its expertise and quality in retail, French porcelain manufacturer Haviland is a favoured and trusted brand of the hospitality industry.

Haviland has been producing 100% of its porcelain in Limoges with the same savoir-faire and passion since 1842. Today, this storied French company has succeeded in finding the perfect balance between innovation and tradition. These Haviland collections designed for hotels and restaurants are shining examples of this.


Designed in collaboration with Chefs, the Haviland collections have original and varied shapes which answer to the demanding criteria of this industry.

Haviland porcelain paste is conceived to withstand intensive use. Created by a formidable team of designers, these collections are not only functional and stackable but also present modern and unexpected shapes for the greatest pleasure of your guests. They make your day-to-day life easier, and take your cooking creations to the next level.

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Haviland White Catalog 2021