Glimmering, luxurious and contemporary, are the key words of the Tiara collection. Created in 2012, this collection is a symbol of elegance for the Haviland Manufacturer. In white, black, peacock blue or Prussian blue, this pattern reinvents itself as a seasonal fragrance. The enchantment of diamonds offers a perfect setting for this pattern that flawlessly reflects the Haviland Manufacturer’s commitment to refinement. The whiteness of porcelain, supported by these intense hues, reveals a modern-style service. Narrated in gold and in platinum, this motif metamorphoses progressively into a service composing of 28 dinner service pieces. Inspired by tiaras and famous crowns embellished with precious stones, Tiara is adorned with small and large diamonds to illuminate your tables with an infinite brilliance. In five letters, the Maison Haviland shares one of the most emblematic symbols of the French porcelain.